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It’s alarming (get it?) just how many people don’t have a alarm fitted to there property – one of the simplest but highly effective ways to protect yourself, loved one and valuables is to get a intruder alarm fitted, add to that if you are unfortunately a victim of burglary some insurance companies may void your policy leaving you completely out of pocket.

NG Locksmiths Nottingham supply and fit the very best in Smart Wireless Intruder alarm systems, the system is built to your own specification to protect as many or as little entry points, multiple floors, pet friendly motion detection and so much more and combined with a user friendly app you will be able to arm and disarm, monitor entry and exit from permitted users and get a real time alert if the alarm is triggered to a smart phone.

Intruder alarms Nottingham

Wireless Intruder Alarms Nottingham

One of the main advantages of a wireless system is in the name wireless so it’s quick and easy to install and if you move it’s just as easy to remove and take with you – and don’t worry about having to constantly change/charge batteries on the sensors – even in a busy house you won’t have to do it for 12mths or even more and it’s a quick job that only takes a few minutes to complete.

The alarm is connect to my home internet if there is a power cut will it stop working?
No it will still be fully functional, all wireless intruder alarms have a keypad hub that has a built in reserve source of power in case of a power cut the same and the sensors are battery powered as well so if the alarm is tripped it will go off even in a power cut (unlike wired systems) but because your router will be off the system will not be able to access the internet and you won’t receive a alert to your smart phone via the app – lots of systems do have the option to install a mobile SIM card and can be programmed to auto text or call a stored number to alert you if a alarm has been triggered for just this scenario.

We have pets who have the freedom of the house when we are out won’t this trigger the alarm when motion is detected?
Pet friendly mention sensors fitted in rooms or through out the property will not sense your pets moving around the property, they work by ignoring movement up to a set height so unless you have a naughty cat that likes to tight rope across your curtain poles even the biggest of big dogs is not going to keep setting the alarm off.

Wireless Burglar Alarms Nottingham

To get a quote or more information on the intruder alarms we supply and fit please give our locksmith Nottinghsm team a call today

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