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Most properties now have excellent security from the locks and locking mechanisms fitted to all windows and doors plus intruder alarms, which is why criminals have changed tact. Thefts from outside your property is on the rise outbuilding and sheds, gardens and drive ways are now a viable target when access inside isn’t possible.

Adding security cameras to the outside of your property adds a extra ring of protection to you, your family and your belongings.

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NG Locksmiths Nottingham supply and fit security cameras that not only will record if a intruder has moved onto your property but will also alert you of the fact via a smart phone giving you a instant real time view of who or what is on your property and what they are doing, because our security cameras provide a real time alert direct to you there is no need for a Monitored Service so no monthly fees (monitored services are also available).

Our security cameras systems start from just one single camera to as many additional cameras as needed internal and external, they can be fitted wired or wireless depending on your own needs and requirements with onsite or cloud storage of images and video.

The simplest introduction to securing your home or property is a video door bell, when positioned correctly a video door bell can provide a large area of coverage at the front of your property, that can alert you of people coming on to your property or driveway, this feature is not just to alert you of unwanted visitors but will also mean you never have to miss a delivery again – video doorbells also have two way audio (this is also featured in stand alone wireless cameras as well) so you are able to speak to visitors and hear reply’s.

Are security cameras secure? Will people be able to hack them?
The security cameras we fit use a internet connection so that you can be alerted of movement or view a live feed this requires a central server – if that server was hacked then the hackers would have access to the live feeds/streams – this is why we only use cameras & apps from trusted secure manufactures who take your security as serious as you and I do, so in short YES buying a security camera recommended by us will pose no risk to your security from hackers and only you and the people you give access to will be able to view your live feed.

Should I choose a wired or wireless security camera?
Everyone’s needs and requirements are different so we will try to explain how both types work and the pro and cons of both types.

Wired security cameras are as in the title wired, one wire to provide power and the 2nd to deliver the live feed, wired security cameras use a central hub that receives all the live feeds and provides the power it also will have internal storage and provides a gateway to the internet, this hub in located inside your property so holes for wires will be needed to be made in walls to connect to the cameras outside. Most wire systems are left fixed to a property should you move house as it’s as much time and effort to remove and fix the holes as it is to fit a new system if required at your new home.

Wireless systems have internal power source using rechargeable batteries, and connect via the internet to a app on your smart phone send live feeds, movement alerts and battery usage levels so no need to drill holes through walls. The wireless cameras will be fixed securely to the outside walls but at a height you are comfortable reaching with a ladder or step ladder so you can easily access them for recharging, some cameras also have internal storage as backup so will continue to record in the event of no internet connection. The time between recharging can vary depending on usage but low usage has seen them last as long as 2 years on a single charge but I would be honest 6-12 months is more realistic especially if you switch off motion alerts/recording at times when expecting a lot of coming and going say a family party or BBQ although you might miss a You’ve been framed moment! The highlight of a wireless security camera is if you do move it’s very simple to remove from the property and take with you and fit again.

Nottingham Security Camera Fitting

For more information on security cameras and the types available give one of our locksmith Nottingham a call

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