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Smart Lock Fitting Nottingham

Are you ready to ditch the keys and embrace the future? Smart Locks are here and they are changing the way we secure our properties.

Smart locks are not a gimmick or a expensive solution to a problem that does not need solving, Smart locks increase security, are more versatile and offer more accessibility.

Improve security
With automatic locking or remote locking features the chances of accidentally forgetting or not knowing if the door is locked are a distant memory but the biggest plus in security is without a traditional key the security vulnerabilities associated with a lock are removed. The first question anyone asks is can a Smart Lock be hacked and opened? And the simplest answer is NO. Smart Locks that use a smart phone app to lock and unlock communicate via Bluetooth, they exchange between them a ever changing encrypted Virtual key to grant access. So even if someone was in range, and could “Sniff” into your Bluetooth connection they would not be able to decode the key. Smart Locks Out Smart Thieves.

Added Versatility
Most Smart locks now have the ability to connect to other Smart devices or hubs, this means they have options to be controlled remotely via the internet or can be combined with other smart devices to make life simpler, who just wants to arrive home to a door that automatically unlocks as you approach when you could also have the lights switch on, the intruder alarm disabled and your favourite song playing as well to welcome you home.

Greater accessibility
If you think a home without keys is limiting then your complete wrong NG Locksmiths supply and fit Smart Locks that use a virtual key system that’s linked to a Smart phone app which means you can now create and send a key to anyone from anywhere in the world on the fly. Family members are never left out in the cold because they forgot to pick up a key, dog walkers, cleaners and tradesmen can all be sent a virtual key. As quick as it is to create a key once you decide to remove access it is just as quick to delete it.
Plus if your smart lock is connected to to the internet you will be able to monitor when a virtual key is used and by who you have sent it to this is great to know that children have arrived home from school or to know a carer has attended/left and the property is secured.

This is a fantastic feature for anyone operating a AirBnB or holiday let, create, distribute and delete unlimited keys for set periods of time again remotely plus NG Locksmiths supply and fit Smart Locks where the owner can control up to 99 different Smart Locks from the single app. For this type of usage we always suggest using our full AirBnB package because if the user was to drain the battery on their smart phone or even lose it they will not be able to open the door. We can supply and fit a Smart Lock system that includes restricted key (no copies can be made unless authorised by you) a external secure coded keysafe to store said key – a perfect back up to help you run your AirBnB or holiday let.

Smart Lock Fitting Nottingham

Install a Smart Lock Nottingham

No all Smart locks are the same and some are not compatible with certain types of doors and existing locking systems. NG Locksmiths offer a FREE home assessment where we be able to advise what Smart Locks are available to you, that will be suitable to your individual needs and requirements. Call 0115 8320195 to book a FREE Smart Lock fitting Assesment.

Smart Lock Fitting Nottingham

If you would like more information on the types of Smart Locks and Smart locking devices we can supply and fit then give us a call today

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