Upvc Window Repairs Nottingham

Upvc Window Repairs Nottingham

Have you got a issue with a Upvc window? Maybe you have lost the key, unable to open it or lock it?

NG Locksmiths are experts in Upvc window repairs and will be able to fix any issue you have for a fraction of the cost to replace the whole unit. We stock a huge amount of different makes, models and sizes so we can fix your Upvc window in just one visit.

Upvc window repairs Nottingham

Nottingham Upvc Window Repairs

The most commonly used locking system for upvc window is used in combination with a espagnolette handle. This type of handle has a spindle that protrudes into the lock gearbox. When the handle is turned, the spindle activates a gearbox which turns, then moves rollers or shoot bolts in and out of keeps locking the window securely in place or able to be pushed open, if the lock or handle is broken, this process will not happen, so either the lock, handle or both will need to be replaced.

Another issue that requires Upvc window repairs involves the hinges if they break or have been weakened and not sat in the correct position it will hinder or stop the closing of the window and will not let you lock the window. This is caused by wear and tear or accidental, deliberate damage. To correct this issue the hinges will need to be replaced.

Upvc window lock repairs Nottingham

If you have a issue with a Upvc window lock or mechanism please contact our locksmith Nottingham team

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